Graffiti, Catholic style

The Blessed Virgin Mary on a hill going out of Boawae, in Flores, made me homesick for the near-identical BVM outside the Priest’s House in Castletownshend, the prettiest village in Ireland. (I wonder idly where they are produced. There’s a smaller but otherwise also identical version in the garden of the guest house I’m staying in.) As I walked up to photograph her, this graffiti outside the dorm rooms caught my eye. I wasn’t sure whether to be shocked that it was there at all, or to be shocked by how tame it is…

One thought on “Graffiti, Catholic style”

  1. I grant you that Castletownshend is a candidate for prettiest village in Ireland, but I must lay claim on behalf of my town of Clonakilty to the prettiest BVM in Ireland!

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